One-Time Donations for Rusty’s Galaxies


Thank you for considering contributing to the community!

 The server is growing every day and this growth, unfortunately, comes at a price so it is greatly valued when you help out by donating to the server, even the small bits help to keep the server alive and upgraded!
Your greatest support is in the form of a recurring subscription but it might not be possible for you to commit to a subscription based rank so I have created this page where you can do a one-time donation. Because I still want to give you something back as a thank you, it is still possible to get one of the community ranks if you would like to, find out more about the specifics of the rank here.
How this will work is that for the amount you donate you have the option to choose one of the corresponding community ranks for a limited amount of time without the added perks. For example, donating 20 € gives you the option to choose the Supporter rank for 4 months, the Contributor rank for two months and the VIP rank for one month.

To proceed with your donation, click on the PayPal button below.
Don’t forget to include your in-game or Discord name together with the rank if you want one.

Note: Although you have the option to select a recurring donation, it does not seem to work.
For a recurring donation with the associated perks visit the donation ranks page.