Donation ranks for Rusty’s Galaxies


Thank you for considering to contribute to the community, which is growing every day!

To accompany this growth it is essential that the technical part of the community grows with us. Unfortunately, this growth forces us to surpass the costs I can provide on my own, so I have set up a few donation ranks so everyone can contribute to reaching our full potential.
Note that these ranks are based on a survey I did among the players, hoping to cater to everyone’s wishes!

Although I used to happily manage to run the server on my own costs, it has become quite clear that Avorion is going to lean towards the heavier multithreaded CPU usage compared to other games I have hosted before such as Rust and I am not able to support that on my own. Therefore I would like to upgrade to a network host of a higher standard, hopefully with a dual CPU server as well which should eliminate server performance on our side.

Below you will find what you can expect from the donation ranks, these can become subject to change anytime, and expect them to have a lot more content than they do now. I just don’t want to create a pay to win environment while still giving something back for your support. The whole system is open to suggestions so feel free to speak up your mind about them!

Supporter: €5,00 EUR – Monthly
Even the smallest contributions help to relieve the growing costs for the server, which will, in the long run, keep the server alive and kicking!

In return, you will receive a rank with a colored name in Discord and later in-game, TeamSpeak and on the website once that is developed.
In addition to the community rank, you can choose a ship plan which will be used for a custom boss

Contributor: €10,00 EUR – Monthly
With this rank you will truly be a contributor to the community, keeping the servers alive and running.

In return, you will have a similar community rank as the supporter rank and your name mentioned in a side mission. (W.I.P.)

VIP: €20,00 EUR – Monthly
Not that everybody else isn’t important, your support however is! With your contribution, you will allow the community to keep growing with more servers and a fancier website/forum in the near future.

In return you will have access to a private channel on Discord and TeamSpeak next to the community rank and you can be the star in one of the extra missions we will add!

Investor: €50,00 EUR – Monthly
Contributing at this level allows us to maintain optimal performance and connection to the server(s) by moving to a top-notch host and state of the art hardware such as double Xenon CPU’s and true gigabyte uplinks. With this kind of technology, we can host multiple servers while guaranteeing the bottleneck of performance and player slots lies in the game engine itself.
You will, of course, have access to all the other perks, heck, if you are supporting on this level you could even have your private TeamSpeak or small game server hosted by us!


With the help of your contribution, I will be able to keep doing the best I can to let our community grow up to its full potential by keeping the server well maintained and updated with the latest mods and content while adding new servers, each with their own touch.
Because I have my hands full on that, I will set up a staff team, for which everyone will have a chance to apply in the near future. Together with this staff team, I hope to make everyone’s experience even better by adding more content, hosting events and perhaps even custom game modes!

Donation Ranks
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