[EU] Rusty’s Galaxy 1 [Semi-OP|PvE]

This is currently our main server running on the beta-branch, featuring many newly developed mods.
Further down below you will find a summary of these mods with the instructions on how to install these mods.
Luckily we provide a modpack that will make installing the required modifications an easy job.
A few of these mods are in very early stages so if you notice anything out of the ordinary please let us know.

We try to be a beginner-friendly community, so feel free to ask around if you need help with something!
The server is mainly PVE, but with the ability to PVP when both sides agree to. (This is not functional yet so bear that in mind)
For now we have halved collision damage to make it a little bit more forgiving to accidentally crash your ship into something and doubled the drop chances for resources and items so you could consider this a x2 server.
We have opened 24 slots again now player count isn’t the main problem anymore, the server still goes down once every now and then but we and the developers of the game have narrowed down on the cause and will get better with future updates.
We have a restart script running that will restart the server within 30 seconds in case it might crash.

We are curious towards adding new features, I have contacted a friend who knows LUA and has made mods for other games before so hopefully he can help out with some custom features. Either way we are looking forward to the mods being developed by the community, and plan on integrating those which enhance quality of life and gameplay.

In the meantime a lot of nice mods have been developed, some still in early stages but they make gameplay a lot more fun.
Below you will find an overview of the mods installed on our server, a few of them require you to install a couple mods on your client as well. If you follow the links provided you will find how to install them, if you need any help just send me a message on Discord!

Server Modifications: (Make sure to install the modpack provided below this post and check back frequently for updates if you are not on the Discord)

  • Random spawn (PM me if you want to be teleported to your friend if you are too far out from eachother)
  • Respawning asteroids in starting sectors
  • /Sethome (Allows you to set another sector as your homesector)
  • Buffed drop rates (More and better loot)
  • Highlight other players in the same sector (Shows up on the hud as a pink/purple frame)
  • Sector overview (List all stations in an overview)
  • Ohm/DPS statistics in turret tooltip
  • Extended trading reach (Dock to stations from 0.3km away)
  • Out of sector production (Updates the production of stations when you re-enter a sector)
  • Minor mining improvements such as mine all and safe mining
  • Give your ship with captain orders to salvage
  • Bulked shops and buffed factories
  • More crew near the center of the galaxy
  • Gambling at casino’s

You can join us on our journey by connecting through